People who might Join Epstein in Chicago

As the day is about to end and Theo Epstein not an official Cub yet. More questions are coming up as to who may join Epstein in Chicago. We won’t know exactly of who may come over until Epstein is an Cub. It’s being reported that the conclusion may come on Friday, but will need approval from the commissioner Bud Selig. As the World Series has started and major news is not allowed to be made during the series without approval. So, let’s hope a deal is made on Friday and an announcement is allowed. But the rumors are far from none.

According to Jon Heyman of, Theo Epstein could look into bringing over current San Diego Padres GM Jed Hoyer. Heyman broke the news over his twitter page.

From Jon Heyman:
In a possible surprise twist, the Chicago Cubs and Theo Epstein are said to have interest in Padres general manager Jed Hoyer to join a baseball operations department they hope is headed soon by Epstein, who is waiting in limbo while the Cubs and Red Sox resolve the compensation issue to complete the trade that would put Epstein in charge of Chicago’s beloved North Side team.

It’s uncertain how the Padres would react to the Cubs interest in Hoyer but if he is able to go to Chicago, Josh Byrnes, who has been working as VP of baseball operations in San Diego, would be elevated to GM.

A move by Hoyer, 37, would be seen as fairly shocking since he’s already a GM, but perhaps the Cubs could give him the same title, while making Epstein a president. Nothing is known to be finalized yet, and it could still be Byrnes going to Chicago, but the possibility that it could be Hoyer instead was raised by several people familiar with the talks.

Hoyer declined comment when reached by phone Tuesday, as did Byrnes.

Here’s an article by Dan Haynes of the North County Times on the report of the Cubs having interest in Jed Hoyer.

It is believe that Byrnes is more likely to come over as Hoyer is on contract longer and could be the same position. But this is interesting and will like to see how this plays out.

One reason the Epstein talks could be dragging out is because the Red Sox are figuring out who Epstein can bring with him to the North Side. According to, the Red Sox are allowing Epstein to bring over one person and one name that has been mentioned is Jonathan Gilula. Gilula is currently the Vice President of Business Affairs. Another name that has been brought of is Mike Reinold. Reinold was a trainer for the Red Sox. More names could be brought up and come over, but we don’t exactly know right now.

David Kaplan says it will be awesome if Gilula came over because he was key into the Red Sox renovations. I take it Kaplan wants a new “Wrigley Field” or a new look to it. But Kaplan lost all of his rights to his opinion and his so call ‘sources’.

According to Dan Hayes, the Cubs haven’t ask for permission to speak to anyone in the Padres organization yet. With the Cubs worrying about Theo Epstein right now and trying to get that deal done first, it is no shock.  

Before I finish up, here’s one Epstein note brought to us by Paul Sullivan. He says the Red Sox are looking at pitchers Trey McNutt and Chris Carpetner. McNutt is the Cubs top pitching prospect. He’s currently pitching in the AFL and doing well. Carpetner is also pitching in the AFL and Kevin Goldstein says Carpetner is throwing the ball very well. Goldstein even stated that Carpetner should be off the table in the compensation talks on how he’s pitched.

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 San Diego Padres General Manager Jed Hoyer

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