Reed Johnson and Paul Maholm Traded to the Atlanta Braves

According the multiple reports, the Chicago Cubs have traded OF Reed Johnson and LHP Paul Maholm to the Atlanta Braves for RHP Jaye Chapman and RHP Arodys Vizcaino, reports Jon Morosi . Really we didn’t need sources for this one as it was obvious. We all saw Reed get pulled from the game, shaking hands and left the ballpark as he walked down to the clubhouse. David Kaplan reports that Johnson has indeed ben traded and went into a meeting with Cubs front office personell.

Johnson is a great, smart ballplayer that makes the clubhouse chemistry very good. He’s also a good defender and can hit the ball well too. He’s a great 4th OF and any team will want him. He will make his new team proud. Johnson re-signed with the Cubs in the off-season with a salary of 1.5 million.

Maholm has been one tought pitcher this year, especially as of late., He could have been a free agent after the year, but does have a 6.5 million options. In his last 6 starts, he has an era right around 1.00. He will be a great pitcher for Atlanta and they will be happy with him.

Arodys Vizcaino is 21-year old RHP. He has a great arm if only he can stay healthy. Before last spring, he was untouchable. but with injury concersn, that msde him available. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer are taking a chance on him. He has Tommy John Surgery in the Spring and is did not pitch this whole year. If he stays healthy, it’s a great deal for the Cubs.

Jaye Chapman is a 25-year old RHP, but is a relief pitcher. In 53.2 innings, Chapman is 3-6 with a 3.52era and has 60 strikeouts. Those strikeouts do look nice and I think he’ll be added to the bullpen. I would rather have a SP, but hopefully he’ll produce in the ‘pen. But he does not have the best command like many othe rthe Cubs RP, but hopefully that will change.

With this trade, it looks like Dempster is going to go o the Dodgers if he doesn’t change his mind. I guess we’ll see how that moves along.

Side Note: Cub top prospect OF Brett Jackson has been pulled from his game in Triple A as he’s likely to be called up. I wonder why he’s being called up if LaHair or Soriano have not been traded. He needs to play everyday… I’ll have a later follow up post if he’s been called-up.

Also, in my write-up ealrier today, I predicted Maholm to the Braves and I was right. I’m just so happy!

I hate to see Reed Johnson go, but it was the right move. I wish Johnson the best of luck with his new team. Same goes to Maholm…

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