Rios knows he can produce

Alex Rios had a dismal season in 2011. Rios batted .227 after going .284 in 2009. Rios said the funk began , “early in the year, I couldn’t get out of it”. Rios had a .163 average during the first month of the season and really could get anything going all season.

Last season it appears it was all inside his head, upon reporting for spring training, Rios said, “all the things that I was worrying about last year. It’s just see the ball and hit the ball.” As the season wore on and Rios kept in his slump it was harder and harder to get out of, The year that I had, it’s not fun. It makes the year longer. It makes everything miserable

Moving forward Rios knows he can play better than that, “I know that I can produce. It’s just a matter of stay positive and not clutter my mind with lots of things like mechanics”. He has proven that he can play better, in 2009 he batted .284 with 21 homers and 88 RBI’s and he averaged .285 in his first 6 years with the Blue Jays.

Rios fully expects to improve over last year, “If I have a good year, that is something I would expect. It wouldn’t be a surprise.” He also said, “I’m very positive. I don’t have any doubts on my skills. I know that I can produce.”

Going into this Rios is looking to change his approach at the plate, “It’s just see the ball, hit the ball. That’s what I’m going to try to accomplish this year.” He will hope to prove his value early, and change from last year, “I’m looking forward to having a hot start and keep going. That will make it fun again. I know I can still play”.

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