Series: Matt Garza and Teams

I’m going to start a series regarding Cubs’ Matt Garza and other teams. As you should already know, Matt Garza is on the trade block and could be gone soon. Their are 5 teams of whom have interest in Garza and would love to acquire him.

In the next week (ending Sunday), I will have Matt Garza and a team (will mention team). There will be 5 teams that I will talk about. One each day, so I could go more in depth and try to get all the details in.

Today: I am just giving a brief description on what I will do for the next week.
Tuesday: Matt Garza and the Detroit Tigers
Wednesday: Matt Garza and the Miami Marlins
Thursday: Matt Garza and the Boston Red Sox
Friday: Matt Garza and the Toronto Bue Jays
Saturday: Matt Garza and the New York Yankees
Sunday: Wrapping up the Series… my last thoughts, news that has happen that should be mentioned and if I think Garza will be traded (to whom if I say he will too).

Let’s just hope he does not get deal over the next week. Just kidding, if he does, he does. I would not be surprise by any measure. However, I have a hunch Matt Garza will not be traded by next week. Also, if other news breaks, I will keep the series going and post the other news too.

I just want try something else and think this may be a good idea. I guess I’ll see after this week.

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