Sox continue to dominate National League

Most surprising part of the game, Alexei Ramirez actually walked! No but seriously, the Sox are now 12-1 against the National League this year and have a 2-0 series lead over the Atlanta Braves.

Another game, another win for the Sox as they picked up their 8th straight win against the Braves Wednesday night. The Braces jumped out to the early 1-0 lead when Melky Cabrera singled to right scoring Troy Glaus.  Buehrle looked good but the Sox couldn’t seem to get runs until the 4th.  With Omar Vizquel on 2nd it was Paul Konerko who knocked him in with the RBI single.

With Konerko on first, Carlos Quentin took one out of the yeard to give the Sox a 3-1 lead.  David Ross tried to get the Braves back in the game as he singled to make it a 3-2 Sox lead. Carlos Quentin thought that was a little to close for comfort so he decided to leave the yard for the second time, this time just a solo shot. Also in the 7th, Ramirez walked, AGAIN. What is going on?

Mark Buehrle was right on point tonight, even after a 2 hour rain delay.  Buehrle allowed 9 hits but only gave up 2 runs in his 6 innings of work. Buehrle lowered his ERA to 4.60 but that is a lot better then what he started at, at the begining of the season when he had a ERA above 6. JJ Putz worked a perfect 7th while striking out 1. Thornton locked down the 8th and it was Bobby Jenks who got Eric Hinskie to ground out to Konerko giving the Sox a 4-2 win and their 8th straight win.

The Sox look to sweer their 3rd straight series tomorrow afternoon.

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