2 days, 2 games, 2 leads, 2 blown leads, 2 games lost in the standing to the Twinks.

The Sox led the division every day from the All Star break until last Tuesday.

The disaster began in Baltimore.  The worst team in baseball, and before their recent run, the possible worst team in the history of MLB, and the Sox waltz in and lose 3 of 4.  Then they drop 2 of 3 at home (where they had previously won 20 of 22), to the Twinks, before this weekends debacle.

So now they are 3 games back of the division leading, and surging Twinks.  Minnesota has won 6 straight at home and 21 of their last 27 in the new TwinkieField.  And now it’s the Sox turn to enter the fire.

3 games in 3 days, that the Sox must win 2.  If they fall 2 out of the 3, they are 4 games behind and in position to fall out of the running very quickly.

Floyd, Danks, Buehrle go for the Sox.  Need great outings out of all 3, or this season may soon be OVAH.

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