In game 1 of the 4 game set and the first of today’s day/night doubleheader, the Sox dropped the hammer on the rival Tigers.  A 12-2 score leaves the Tigers gasping for air as game 2 is on the horizon, as well as sinking very quickly in the division as they now stand 8 games out.

The Sox have a great opportunity this week to make some headway not only on the Tigers, but also on the Twinks.  With the Twink loss last night, the Sox are now a game and a half up on them as well as the 8 on the Tigers.  3 more in Detroit, while the Twinks face the Rays looks quite promising for the Sox.  But it’s the next set of series that looks even better.

The Sox head to Baltimore for a 4 game wraparound series against the Orioles while the Twinks have the Indians and the Tigers have the Angels.  Though neither the Angels or Indians are very good, the Sox should be able to get at least 3 from Baltimore, which means any missteps by the rest of the division and this lead could balloon quick.

Back to tonight, and the rest of this series though.

This is the best chance the Sox might have all season to bury the Tigers and turn this into a 2 team race for the division crown.  With 2 more wins in this series, the Tigers are down 9 games, with 3 more wins, the Tigers are 11 games back and virtually out of the chase entirely.

But the matchups are not great as this series continues.  Tonight is Carlos Torres and Jeremy Bonderman.  As always, you never know what you are going to get out of a guy who is making his first start of the year.  The Sox know Bonderman and have done well against him, but you just can’t trust Torres.

Then it will be Edwin Jackson and Armando Galarraga.  We have no clue what Jackson will be.  Lately he has been terrible.  But before that he threw a no-hitter.  Don Cooper says he was tipping pitches.  If you change that, things could turn right back around for him.  Galarraga has been solid all year, and is 1-2 against rhe Sox lifetime.

Finally Garcia takes the hill against Max Scherzer.  Scherzer has faced the Sox once and pitched well (though in a losing effort), but he has been downright filthy in his last few starts.  Garcia is always an X-factor, but he is usually pretty strong when the Sox need him most.

3 games.  0 wins and the Tigers are alive and well.  1 win and the Sox walk out feeling fine.  2 wins and the Sox are feeling great and nicely in first.  3 wins and the Tigers are done, the Sox are flying high, and the Twinks have to start getting nervous as well.

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