Sox-Twins Split Series

1 of 2 is not bad, especially considering how bad the Sox have been in Minnesota over the last couple decades.

“This is a good team,” White Sox leadoff man Juan Pierre said. “They beat us today by being fundamental. It’s the reason why these guys win every year.” Ozzie Guillen also added, “You think you have something going and that you’re going to nail this one,” Guillen said. “I was excited for the first inning. All of a sudden for seven or eight innings, nothing was done.”

That has been the story of the Sox season.  They usually have a lead in their games and find a way to blow them.  Jake Peavy said earlier in the week that when the hitting is good the pitching is bad, when the pitching is good the hitting is bad. That has been the story of the whole season and this game too.

The Sox only scored 2 runs today and 1 came on a throwing error in the 1st after Juan Pierre stole 3rd.  Paul Konerko then centered to center.  Both runs came in the 1st and that is all the Sox would get.

John Danks was brilliant giving up only 3 runs on 7 hits,  he went 7 innings.  Mauer, Morneau and Span all had RBI singles which would pave the way for a 3-2 Twins victory.

The Sox left 3 men on base while the Twins left 8 on.

The Good: Well there wasn’t much, Paul Konerko was 2-4 with an RBI as his name is right a top the MVP leaderboard. Juan Pierre was also 2-4 and finished the series 5-9.

The Bad: Gordon Beckham is still in his funk as he was only 1-3 as was Alexei, probably why they are at the bottom of line up.

The Ugly: Kotsay was awful once again as he was 0-4 at the plate.  ANDRUW JONES, ANDRUW JONES! A.J. was also 04 for from his new spot in the order. Quentin played along in the poor effort catergory going 0-4 and Teahen was a crisp 0-3.

The Sox continue there road trip Friday in Kansas City.

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