Goat visits to Wrigley Field are few and far between, with good reason. Today however, an “intimidating package”, as officials marked it, arrived at The Friendly Confines addressed to none other than owner Tom Ricketts. Inside the package was a goat’s head.

Police arrived at the field this afternoon after hearing of the package which was reportedly delivered to Gate K. Though Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala has not provided any other details regarding the drop off, one might wonder if the intentions had anything to do with the recent talks between the organization and city of Chicago.

Since the season began the negotiations have only grown in intensity. Therefore, a goat’s head might be more than a grotesque prank. Some Cubs fans might see this as a threat, knowing the place goats have in the team’s history.

During the 1945 World Series against the Tigers, local tavern owner Billy Sianis and his billy goat were asked to leave the game. In anger, Sianis claimed that the team would no longer win. And so began what some fans chose to believe as the “Curse of the Billy Goat.”

Is a package that holds threatening remnants of a “curse” someone’s way of saying that renovations to Wrigley are the only way to end the Cubs’ misery? Or maybe the sender is saying the exact opposite: Don’t change a thing, or you’ll add to my misery. Hopefully, further investigation of the package can provide us with some answers.

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