Teams Interested in Alfonso Soriano

According to Ken Rosenthal, teams are “kicking the tires” on outfielder Alfonso Soriano. Rosenthal was told that the Cubs would pay a significant amount of his contract in order to trade him. Alfonso Soriano still has 3 years and 54 million remaining on his contract.

You have to expect most of the teams that are calling have to be American League teams. Since they can use Soriano as the designated hitter. However, National league teams could call too…maybe for him to come off the bench. Soriano’s career is passed where he plays in the field. He’s just too old and injury prone now. Also, he has never been a good defender. One team that comes to mind are the Boston Red Sox…they could be in need for a DH if David Ortiz does in fact leave free agency. We have heard the Yankees connected with Soriano before. The other teams are a toss up then.

The Cubs signed Alfonso Soriano in 2007 to a 8 year, 136 million contract. The Cubs gave Soriano that contract after he has a wonderful year with the Nats the year before. The soon-to-be 36 year old (January 7th), has been declining and the Cubs don’t know how to play with him anymore. He has dealt with leg injuries over his Cubs career and can’t lead-off anymore. The Cubs eventually put him in the middle of the order, so he can drive in runs. However, Fonzie strikes out too much and that plan failed too. Also, the Cubs eventually take him out late in ball games due to his defensive woes. Now that’s why the Cubs want to trade Soriano and have been trying to deal him for a year or two now.

Mr. Ricketts told Team Theo that they can eat any contract if it would better the club. To be honest, doing anything to get rid of Soriano, would better the club. The Cubs have top prospect Brett Jackon in wait and will be reading in 2012 to contribute. Also, the Cubs could make a play for OF Cuban’ Yoenis Cespedes. So…they need an open space in the OF. I have to admit, this is the first time I think Alfonso Soriano will actually be traded. The Cubs won’t get much, but one or two low tier ‘spects. But it’s still better than nothing.

This can gain steam heading into the Winter Meetings.

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