Theo Epstein…O’ MY!

Let me start off sayin’, that I’m really getting sick of hearing Epstein and the Cubs in the same sentence. Like a lot of you probably are. But here’s the latest news from over the weekend on the Epstein front.

Theo Epstein reportedly has contacted ex general manager Jim Hendry and ask how it is to work for Tom Ricketts. He contacted Epstein about a week ago and Jim Hendry only could say nice stuff about the Ricketts. Wow that seems good.

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribine wrote up that a man near Wrigley Field was 99.9% sure he saw and talked to Theo Epstein. Noah Pinzur (the man who saw and talked to him) had a conversation with the guy that looks like and could be Theo Epstein.

He said (Noah Pinzur); “Excuse me,” he said. “Are you Theo Epstein?”

“No,” replied Epstein, or
the Epstein lookalike. “I get that a lot.”

After a brief pause, the real
or fake Epstein added: “Who is Theo Epstein?”

Pinzur replied: “He’s the
guy who may become general manager of the Cubs, or at least we

Pinzur went back to his seat while Epstein, or his clone, went up
to order. He got an iced drink for his female companion and a banana for himself
before leaving in the SUV and heading north on Racine.

“Once he had to
ask me who ‘Theo Epstein’ was, I knew it was him,” Pinzur said. “It was clearly
him being driven in the direction of Wrigley Field.”

Pinzur googled “Theo
Epstein” and “Theo Epstein’s wife.” He was convinced that the companion who
ordered the iced drink was indeed Theo Epstein’s wife. Putting two and two
together, he concluded that Epstein was headed to Wrigley for his long-awaited
job interview.

In the last line of Comcast Sportnet in New England stated the Cubs have recieved permission to interview Theo Epstein. So…all of the other reports would make sense then.

I just hope this is over sooner than later. Then the Cubs and I can move on to other stuff. Today has been slow, but if all of these news/notes are true, it may be winding down. Let’s just hope!

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