White Sox Real Talk: The Wheels Are Coming Off

Scott Lewis, White Sox Real Talk

The Wheels Are Coming Off For The White Sox

What can I say about this season so far…….I’m just going to say that I saw this coming. When the spring training started a lot of White Sox fans felt that we were on our way to the World Series but I kept telling people that it wasn’t going to happen. This team had too many question marks, can Juan Pierre produce? can Andruw Jones go back to form? will the bullpen holdup? The only bright spot of this season so far has been the production of Andruw Jones, Paulie’s great start and that man above Alex Rios. The Sox have lacked in all the other areas that are needed to succeed. Offense & bullpen is too inconsistent, starting rotation is NOT living up to the huge expectations, Bobby Jenks is horrible and Bacon well he’s just :

As we look at the calendar it is the second week of May and we are back 8 games in our division to a Twins team that is way better than I or anybody expected. Sure all hope isn’t lost but Kenny needs to right this ship asap. Tonight I was inspired to right this blog because of the poor performance I saw against the Royals. Mark Buerhle pitched decent but the defense & the offense didn’t help him out at all. Eventually I think the starting pitching will come around but I think Bobby Jenks needs to be moved out of the closer role and Bacon might need the minors just like Ozzie said so he can get his mind right. Kenny needs to make a move and if I know Mr.Williams like I think I do he will be making some changes real soon. It’s way too early to push the panic button but my hand is pretty damn close to it, not giving up on my team but I need them to do better. Until next time this is White Sox Real Talk….PEACE!!

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