ChiCitySports Ultimate Bears Fan Contest Reviewed by Momizat on . ChiCitySports is proud to announce the first Ultimate Bears Fan Contest! We'll be searching the web for the biggest Bears fans. We'll be giving away the followi ChiCitySports is proud to announce the first Ultimate Bears Fan Contest! We'll be searching the web for the biggest Bears fans. We'll be giving away the followi Rating:
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ChiCitySports Ultimate Bears Fan Contest

ChiCitySports is proud to announce the first Ultimate Bears Fan Contest! We’ll be searching the web for the biggest Bears fans. We’ll be giving away the following…

  • 1 Authentic Chicago Bears Jersey from ChiCitySports.Com (Winner will select player) 
  • 1 Chicago Bears T-Shirt from ChitownClothing.Com (Winner Selects Shirt) 
  • 1 Chicago Bears Poster courtesy of LikeFree.Org
  • 2 Chicago Bears Bumper Stickers from ChiCitySports.Com 
  • 3 Copies of Steve Delsohn’s Book “DA BEARS!” from ChiCitySports.Com 
Now you’re thinking, hey dude…how can I win one of these magnificent prizes? It’s easy. All you have to is leave a comment telling ChiCitySports why you’re the Ultimate Bears Fan.  Tell us about yourself, how long you’ve been a Bears fan, and why you’re the Ultimate Bears Fan. If you can provide a picture, youtube video, or any other sort of proof of your Chicago Bears fandom, it will help your chances in the contest!

We’ll announce the winners on Saturday, August 13th. This marks the day of the return of Bears football! They will be taking on the Buffalo Bills at 7:00 pm CT in their first pre-season game of the year.

Winner will select player on Chicago they want a jersey of.

Winner of T-Shirt will select Bears Shirt from ChitownClothing’s Bear T-Shirts. 

“DA BEARS!” Book by Steve Delsohn
Poster from LikeFree.Org
Chicago Bears Bumper Stickers

About The Author

Keegan Rush

Been following Chicago sports for many years. I have ties to Rockford, Illinois however have since been displaced in North Carolina far from Illinois. I am still an avid fan despite the geographical complications in following my teams. I am known as the internet’s #1 Rex Grossman connoisseur

Number of Entries : 659

Comments (69)

  • Brandon Alves

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because orange and blue runs deep in my family. Ever since I was born, I was destined to become a bears fan. My grandparents on both sides are from Chicago, and therefore diehard Bear fans. However, the person who really showed me the greatness of the Chicago Bears is my Dad. He has been a true fan for many years, being there in the days of the bad news bears, the superbowl shuffle, and all those quarterbacks we had in the 90′s. Ever since I was little, I remember sitting in front of the T.V on Sunday’s trying to be like Dad and rooting for the Bears. Over time, I learned the rules of the game of football, and developed a lifelong love of the monsters of the midway. Years of bad seasons passed, until the 2006 season where the Bears were simply magical. I remember vividly every moment, from Hester’s 108 yard return, to the miracle in the dessert. Though the season did not end like I wanted it to, I still remain a Bears fan for years to come. Now that we have Jay Cutler and are moving forward, I believe this is our season and our chance to show the league that the Bears truly are the greatest team today and throughout history. This is why I am the ultimate Bears fan. I have been, and always will be for the Bears. It is the one thing that I truly look forward to in the fall, and this will never change. The Chicago Bears is a team I truly love, and this will remain true for the rest of my life.

  • Nathan M

    Ever since i can remember i have been watching the bears. While other people thought the bears were going nowhere last season i said just wait and you will see and they ended up going to the NFC championship. I believe this year will be the same. I am the ultimate bears fans because i believe in the bears, on paper they dont look like a phenomenal team but they have that chemistry and play well together. Also, i truly believe they are a couple years away from winning a super bowl. It has always been my dream to go to soldier field and watch the bears play but someday i believe my dream will come true. I feel like the bears are apart of my life because i spend so much time reading articles about them and looking and forums reading about them and I have learned more than anyone can even imagine. I feel if the lock out continued and there was no football season this year i would feel like a part of me is gone. I may not be a season ticket holder, have a bears tattoo, or have tons of bears gear but believing in the bears is the most important thing.

  • Alice Gleason

    I am the ULTIMATE BEARS FAN! I began by watching games with my Dad as a young tot – but my devotion grew when I headed west to California for college. My Chicago pride swelled ever Fall and has continued now that I am living back in Chciago – the greatest sports city in the world.
    When costs have prohibited me from attending games live, I host viewing parties at my house. Not only are guests wearing bears gear, but we even decorate the apartment with orange and blue ribbon – while serving orange and blue drinks. I can’t wait for this season to start and we can once again throw the windows open and sing “Bear Down” after every Bears score.

  • Joe Ghinazzi

    It doesn’t take much to learn while I’m The Ultimate Bears fan. I have spent my entire life living in the enemies’ backyard. You see, I’m from Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Right in the heart of packer country. It doesn’t get much worse for Packer fan density than being in the exact middle of the state. Since my first breath my heart has been pumping blue and orange blood. I was born in 1989, so you must understand that during my childhood I did not see much success from the Bears side of the ball. Even worse, I had to endure the Brett Favre “glory years”, and now I’m getting a heavy dose of Aaron Rodgers talk in college. The only satisfaction I get out of living in this state is the fact that two to three days a year there is a chance that my Bears can beat the Packers. I LIVE FOR THAT. And now that I’m reaching the glory years of my life I’m absolutely hopeful that the Bears can get back to glory.

    I never got to experience the glory days of the Ditka/Buddy Ryan teams of the mid to late 80′s, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what a real Bear team looks like. I, more than anyone else, appreciate the knock em down drag ‘em out style of the Bears of old. My parents were both raised in Rockford which explains my loyalty to the Bears. My whole childhood my dad told me about the Bears glory days, and the stories he told me about changed the way I lived my life. Being a Bears fan made me who I am. Like the teams of past and present I have learned that when things get tough you just put your fist in the ground and work until you reach your ultimate goal. I always will know when to BEAR DOWN.

  • Nicole Swanson

    DA BEARS!! Even though I am 29 yrs old, I am a die hard Chicago Bears fan! I can remember when I was 3 my parents watching the Bears cream New England. So seeing my mom happy watching the Bears, I knew they were my team! I can’t wait until the start of every season. I always have get togethers every time they play. I have 4 kids who enjoy watching the Bears too! My girls put on a little cheer everytime they score a touchdown! 4th Phase all the way! Sadly i work with a Steelers fan. So when the Bears beat them in ’09, I was happy to rub it in her face! My uncle is a Vikings fan, so I always make sure to wear a Bears shirt around him. Walking into my house I have Bears pics, posters, trading cards, etc. My favorite are the 2 little Bears geared up in full Bears uniform. I am glad The Sackman finally made it to the Hall of Fame! It is well over due! So matter what I am a PROUD Chicago Bears fan for life! BEAR DOWN, GO BEARS!! Thank you :)

  • Chris donofrio

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because I am a true die hard!!! I live in NYC (im a police officer) but I bleed blue & orange. I have been a Bears fan all 32 years of my life thanks to my pop. I think what makes me the ultimate bears fan is that you have no idea how hard it is to be a fan of a team if your out of market. In order to read up on my Bears I have to scour online sites. Read Chicago Bears blogs, I follow every Chicago Bears player & even the beat writers on twitter so I can get up to the minute info. I also signed up to receive the Chicago-Sun Times on my kindle just for the Bears section (keep in mind ibam not a cubs, whitesox, or bulls fan) I go to 1
    Chicago Bears game every year sometimes on the road & have flown out to watch a game in
    Soldier Field on multiple occassions. I just bought my 1st home and I already have my official Chicago Bears paint colors for my basement. Including the Bears pool table and bears pool balk set (obviously the other team is the Packers). And when the bears were in the superbowl a few years back, no one was allowed in my house who wasn’t wearing a Bears jersey & even my sisters dog had to wear a bears jersey. Oh, and I already read the Bears book about 1985 when it first came out! “Bear Down!”

  • (Marky)Mark Eugling

    I am the ultimate bears fan because i spend every sunday playing football until noon, then watching the blue and orange after! I was not fortuante enough to watch the 85 bears live, however i have watched countless films of them. I spent camps as a kid meeting gale sayers, Sean Gale, Robo cop, and more. I always have a lot to say on the forums and think i have proven that i know what i am talking about!

  • Doug Trznadel

    I’ve been a Bears fan for as long as I can remember. When the Bears practiced at Morton East High school, my grandfather was head custodian at the school and brought me and my cousins to meet the players. I was in awe of William Perry, his hand alone seemed to be the size of 8 year old me. That Christmas my grandpa gave me a football autographed by dozens of players. It is still my most cherished possession. Now, I am teaching my 4 kids how to be a Bears fan. At night, I sing the little ones the Chicago Bears fight song. On gamedays, I put up my giant inflatable Bears guy in the front yard, watch the game and am not afraid to give out Urlacher’s to anyone (an Urlacher is basically just launching myself at them and tackling them). Once the game is over, I write up my own analysis and post it on my blog. I can’t wait for the Bears to be back on my TV.

  • Nicholas Fisch nwfisch

    I think I should win the Bears contest, so that a forum poster actually wins the contest for a change.

    In all honesty, during Bears season, I wear a Bears shirt or sweatpants everyday of the week. Win or lose, I go to work the next day wearing my Bears jersey.

    Bear Down

  • Jake Britton

    I AM THE ULTIMATE BEARS FAN! every sunday i play fottball all day until DA BEARS game the from there on out my family has a huge bears party whether it be the NFC Championship game or the last game of the year and they won’t make the playoffs! Also during this time I go all out paint my face, high socks you name it I wear it! I was Not fortunate enough to see the Bears win the 1985 Super Bowl but I have watched many shows and films of it. I love the Bears through thick and thin whether it be the heartbreak of last year or the awesome season of 2006 where they completly amazing then suffering the heartbreak at the end of that year. The Bears are my tema and always will be! I BLEED BLUE AND ORANGE!
    BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Svenkerud

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because this is my one and only true love! Seriously, the Chicago Bears have been a part of my life since I was born! I moved away from the Chicago-land area about five years ago and ever since I have been spreading the blue and orange all over the country! I have not only belted the words to Bear Down by myself at random bars in Idaho and Texas, but also taught the fight song to others who wanted to learn! I do NOT need to convince anyone that I am the ultimate Bears Fan, because all that matters is that in the end I will stand by my boys no matter what happens!

  • Charles Kashmier

    I am the ultimate BEARS fan. Have feen since I could crawl and carry a little football. From the disaster days of the 70′s (Walter left, Walter right) to the highs of the Ditka days. I bleed orange and blue and can actually sing the fight song!

  • Adam Dyson

    I’m not an ultimate Bears Fan…I’m an extremist. During the football season, I can’t do anything other than think about the next game. I’ve converted fans, I’m cheered with fans, I’ve cried with fans, and I’ve even punched the occasional hole in a wall with fans. I’ve made sure every single person in my family (whom I watch the games with weekly) has some sort of Bears paraphernalia to wear on game days. Last season, I spent hours trying to find an online stream to the games we didn’t get on national TV (living in KY, we didn’t get them all). My father called friends from work to tell them, “Yeah, Adam’s getting the game…come on over.” I’ve blogged about the Bears ( ). I’ve hosted “panels” for ChiCitySports.Com discussing solely the Bears ( ) I’ve even made videos about the Bears ( ). I’ve been to the point where I wouldn’t piss on Cutler if he was on fire, and yet I’ve defended him to every nay-sayer I’ve met. This is my team. This is our team. This is the beloved.

    Bear Down, my friends, be a major part in the 4th Phase wherever you are, and help lead your Chicago Bears to a championship.

  • Cedric Nguimatsa

    I am the ultimate Bears fan because I have been a Bears fan since I was 3 years old. I was born in Paris France but My parents are from Chicago Illinois and graduated from Univerty of Illinois in Champaign. I lived in Europe for 6 years before moving to the U.S with my parents, and while in Europe I played rugby as a kid and I wore #34 in honor of “sweetness” I even had the head ban and I will try and do everything Walter Payton did during games, except I was playing rubgy and most europeans looked at me like I was crazy! I currently live in Texas now, I go to school at Texas A&M, so I’m in the middle of cowboy land, but that doesn’t stop me from rocking my Bears attire as much as I can. My entire dorm room is Beared out!! My roommate is a Lions fan and I feel sorry for the kid cuz I just bullied him just like the bears bullied the lions. My grand parents are 10 years season tickets holder so I’ve been to plenty of Bears game, I go to every game that is any where close to Texas, Denver, etc. I already got my ticket for the game vs the broncos!! Bears fan are the best and no one comes close! DA BEAR!!!!

  • Paul Boehme

    Hello, My name is Paul and I and the Ultimate Bear Fan I hope you Enjoy my video, and BEAR DOWN!!!!!

  • Jim B.

    Jim B.

    Firstly great idea for a contest, I love reading these stories If there is anything I love more in the world then attaining knowledge on my favorite team, it’s collecting even more knowledge about that team’s fans. Bears Nation is more about just being a Bear fan, it’s about living the Bears lifestyle. Through all of the hardships in my life, losing family members, friends, pets, etc. the one thing I can always count on as a lift me up is Bears football. I struggled through the rough patches, enjoyed the glory days of Walter & Jim, then had a 10 year hangover in the 90′s, yet it didn’t get me down. Almost every square inch of my house is plastered in Bears stuff including my back which is somewhat of a Windy City mural of the Bulls/Bears logo. Got it after our 2nd 3-peat.

    All week long at work, I would look forward to the games. Actually attending the games, tailgating with other Bear fans, the excessive beer drinking with my friends, I wouldn’t trade any of that for anything in the world. I write this out of respect for everybody who has entered this contest. I am happy to align myself with all of you individuals. If I don’t win anything, there will be no skin off my back. I am just happy to call myself a Bear fan. Does that make me the ultimate Bear fan? Probably not however through all of my time in the military, time at work, time with my family, there has never been a day where I don’t put excessive thought into the team I love to watch play football. I haven’t missed a training camp practice in 10 years. Haven’t missed a game in over 30 years. If expenses permitted, I would have tailgated every single one of them and went into soldier field to cheer my drunken ass off! I can only make 1 game a year with expenses but I make the most of it! I don’t think my story is as flashy or catchy as other Bear fans but when you think of what a Bear fan is, and what the epitome of a true Bears fan is, I want you to think of me. Bear down everybody! Time for Julius to stomp a mudhole in the NFC NORTH!!! I’ll close out my message with a commemoration, I wish my wife was here to watch the Bears with me today. She was just as big of a Bears fan as I. RIP

  • Jordan nabat

    Hello im a die hard bears fan!! im only 13..i loveears…hate the packers!!!…i always have no reason to be angry at the bears when there having a bad day! It killed me when the bears lost to the packers in the NFC championship! But i wasnt angry i just said 5 words..”will get them next year” ive been counting down to the bears first preseason game…couldnt wait to see my team kill the bills! Hopefully this year win with our new talents like Marion Barber and Roy Williams….Hopefully this year we will go back to the NFC championship and win the gold and do the samething in the superbowl!! LETSS GOOO BEARS!

  • Maddie Reid

    I am the ultimate Chicago Bears fan because I was born and raised in Indiana near the border of Indiana and Illinois. I was born into Chicagoland. When I was 11, my mom, my sister, my brother, and I moved to Wisconsin. Cheeseheads all around us..ugh! Her boyfriend has lived here all his life and he was born a cheesehead. How disapointing. My friends were packer fans, our neighbors were packer fans, our new family were packer fans. This was terrible! Then came football season and people around us started wearing their jerseys again. They’ve shown me their opinion on football, now it was my turn to show them. Monday for school came and I had an amazing Bears outfit picked out. We came to the school building and everyone stared at me walking into school. The teachers didn’t seem to like me that much at all. I just sat through my classes and smirked at how great I looked. Talk about how blue and orange could stand out so much. What is a packer anyway? Noone’s ever given me a straight answer… Everyone was giving me a hard time but I just came back at them with better comments. I still live here, so when the people of Wisconsin are putting on their cheesecaps(gross)I’ll be putting on my Jay Cutler jersey with pride and I will be proud. Go Bears! Show the packers how it’s done!

  • cornell wiley

    I’m the ultimate Bears fan for lot’s of reasons but in the intrest of time I’ll illuminate 3. #1: Growing up in Zion Ill on Green Bay Road in the early 80′s was tough but those were our Glory years my fondest memories were not of our Super Bowl season however, but of our Coach. Everyone can tell you about our D or our superbowl season but how many remember the ultimate Bear? Mike Dikta, not only did he coach one heck of a team but he was the only Coach whom ran a two Quarterback system. Mike Tomzack and Jim Harbaugh. It was always exciting to watch Those Bears teams play but as far as I knew no one was at that time or has since ran a two Quarter back system. That was the Genius behind Dikta, Imagine trying to do that today the post game press conference after a game would eat your team up from within like a cancer. Not to mention the Coaching tree that sprouted from his tenure…. Head Coach- Vikings Leslie Frazier, Head Coach-Rams Jeff fisher, Head coach-San Francisco- Jim harbough, Former Head coach San Francisco Mike Singletary, Former Head coach Eagles- Buddy Ryan, Head coach Carolina- Ron rivera.#2 The ultimate Bear fan must also have an accute knowledge of our history which I happen to keep with me wherever I go. For example were someone to ask me….. The Bears are playing the Buffalo Bills what will the score be…… I’d say 31 to negative 7. I would then be perfectly aligning myself with Bill swerski’s superfan debut prediction. #3 My last reason I should be an ultimate fan is… In 89 my family moved from Zion Ill to Miami Fl. During my teen years and thorugh my 20′s I have faithfully followed my Bears so much so that in 2006 I started working an extra job in September because I believed we were going to the Superbowl which, we did. I saved up enough to buy my ticket and sat out in the rain and watched My mighty Bears fall to The Colt’s I cried like a baby watching my Bears lose and just like in 1993 when Dikta was fired and said to a gathering of fans outside of Halas Hall “and this to shall pass” I knew as bad as that night was thing’s would be ok, and they were. thganks for you consideration.

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