Betting odds are out for Matthew Stafford’s new team and the Bears are a favorite

The 2021 NFL offseason is shaping up to be a wild one early on with over a dozen teams likely looking for a new quarterback and some pretty damn good ones being available. Among those teams are the Chicago Bears as they may look at the draft or free agency to find their new signal-caller. There’s also the option of running it back with both Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles but that’s just terrible to think about.

Among the quarterbacks that will be available is longtime Detroit Lions starter Matthew Stafford as the two sides decided it was best to go their separate ways in this stage of his career. Stafford is one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the league over the past decade or so and will attract a lot of teams. But could the Chicago Bears be one of them?

Before we break that down seriously, it’s doubtful that the Lions will actually trade Stafford to the Bears but maybe Vegas knows something that the rest of us dont’? released their latest odds on who will land Stafford and shockingly, the Bears are near the top:

Broncos 3/1

Colts 4/1

Washington 5/1

Bears 6/1

Cowboys 8/1

Patriots 9/1

Panthers, Jets 10/1

Rams, Raiders, Texans, Dolphins 12/1

Saints 15/1

49ers, Eagles 20/1

Stafford will certainly have a market in this offseason and will be highly-sought after, but should we expect the Bears to be in the mix? Likely not. It really doesn’t make sense for Detroit to trade him within the division and have to play him twice a year, that’s just not realistic.

But we have seen stranger things in this league before. I just wouldn’t get my hopes up.

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