2021 NFL Draft: Chicago Bears Select Justin Fields with the 11th Overall Pick

THEY DID IT. THEY MADE THE TRADE. Welcome to Chicago Justin Fields!

Soldier Fields anyone?

The Bears traded up in the draft with the New York Giants to get their guy.

That’s 4 picks, but considering it was a 2021 1st round swap and only one additional 1st rounder, that isn’t a ton to give up. Not for a guy that could lead the franchise for years to come.

There isn’t much to be said that hasn’t already been put out there. The guy is a top prospect for a reason. He threw for 2,100 yards and 22 touchdowns with 6 INTs this past year in a shortened season. 3 of those INTs came in one game against the Hoosiers. Another good thing about Fields is that he appears to be tough as hell. Remember when he took out Clemson to the tune of 385 yards and 6 TDs after almost not being able to finish the game due to broken ribs? Guy is a gamer.

There were talks about him going 2 or 3 and Mel Kiper still had Justin Fields as his #2 QB despite others dropping him recently. He doesn’t get the criticism.¬†

All in all a great pick for the Bears that addresses a HUGE need. Everyone wanted the Bears to take a QB and well, wish granted.

As frustrated as we all get with the Bears, they always manage to pull us back in one way or another. Taking a highly ranked QB not based on an old Camry that he drive will do it…

No more excuse, Ryan and Matt…

Would you have rather had the Bears take Mac Jones or are you happy with the Justin Fields pick?

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